TRANSFORMATION ISN’T ABOUT CHANGING WHO YOU ARE, IT IS ABOUT MAKING YOU MORE OF WHO YOU ARE through the process of letting go our consciously and subconsciously constructed identity. It isn’t something to aspire towards like success, fame or fortune or even being recognized as a person of good deed and integrity. It is an ongoing inner realization and expression of your inherent wholeness and magnificence.

Many are debating the sanity of actor, Jim Carrey right now. He intentionally has used his clown face, his humor, to expose the egocentricity in society, and the masks we all wear as we suffer in silence unaware of how we fight to keep the identity we assume.  He took a sabbatical from performance (the highest paid performer in history) and went inside, asking and answering the deeper questions, which is standard procedure when ‘being real’ supersedes every other aspiration, goal or next opportunity we just can’t pass up. He gave his focus over to spiritual ideals, experiences and ways of walking in his world. Perhaps the unknown and unexpressed aspects of his ‘self’ melded and merged in a way where he felt the sacredness of connection, the purity and wholeness of the infinite universe operating within him. There are many words one could use to try and describe the tip of the personal integration iceberg, but this I do know – when we are receptive to being called home to the truth of being, we transform.  BUT we are far from crazy!

Many are uncomfortable with the powerful yet often peaceful energy that a being emanates when expressing congruence and acceptance in a world of paradox.  When a person really gets the meaning of BEING IN THE WORLD, but not of it. Becoming congruent and accepting happens, through the understanding that we are not our thoughts, not our emotions, not even our body.

When a self-aware, self-actualized being stands in a room made up of predominantly mask-clad individuals believing that their good is outside of themselves, poised to make a favorable, lasting impression in order to get what it is they think they lack, it is the self-actualized person that is the odd man out.

It’s kinda like being born again; some New Thought followers might even refer to this non phenomenon as the second coming. Blasphemous, I think not… perhaps logical, in the understanding that each of us is already innately whole, complete and perfect with our journey as humans to accept and express this along the way, seeing this truth in all, as all and through all. In this ideology, it follows that we are enough and of value, just because we exist. And our thoughts, behaviors and subsequent struggles to become known as someone, are wasted effort sucking the joy of being alive, right out of us.  Then again some believe, as Jim Carrey has stated, that we are really nothing. That the “I” doesn’t exist. So, all ideas associated with “I” “me” or “mine” aren’t relevant and only serve to complicate an unimaginable opportunity of how life can be experienced, stripping us of the true purpose of life as being,  to discover who we truly are as a spiritual being.

So, transformation is not changing who we are, but rather it is about discovering who we have always been and moving within time and space, carrying on through each day, each moment, authentically.

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