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It doesn’t matter our age or where we are on the ladder of success in our own minds; one thing is true straight across the board – we all take ourselves too seriously! Our ego’s take everything so personally that the power of decision making, connection and manifestation of our desired reality, is constantly compromised. We envision one thing and all too often create something else. Are you interested in knowing why this is so and how to make the significant changes needed to transform yourself and therefore, your life?

You know that we lead/teach by example and that others feel when we are not congruent, present and in integrity, no matter what our mouths are spouting and our body language is trying to affirm. There are enough surprises in the mix of raising a family, organizing a working day, a board meeting, a negotiation, a corporate shuffle or downsizing…that becoming our own authority in matters of decision making and communication helps us to flow and know, rather than stumbled, struggle and even self-medicate. It isn’t always easy to be the change we want to see in others, or accept responsibility for our choices, but some paths are more fun than others!

We only need look to the trends of trainings and coaching in the business world, since its popularity began to rise, to assess that people believe that self-improvement is the way to a more fulfilling, happy, peaceful and abundant life. What if that concept was actually keeping the striving, seeking, aspiring individual away from the good they envision? Enough is enough. Perhaps nothing needs to be fixed or healed; only something needs to be revealed through us!

What if we all started right where we are, letting go of the need to self-improve and instead self-approve? After all, as the conditions/experiences in life can only change through what we believe and therefore perceive who we are in the first place, then, starting with a loving and approving picture of who we really are, we set ourselves up for affirmative recognition of and subsequent action towards what is possible through us, just as we are. Energy shifts here and we have more with which to vision, imagine, plan, and trust ourselves moving through life, without the shadow-hold that our core subconscious belief patterns have on us. It is the right time to begin relating to ourselves as sacred beings. When we believe/feel we are enough just as we are, then we perceive that there is enough and correspondingly, enough is attracted into our lives.

We are not broken people. It’s our relationships that need repair. It’s relationships that bring us back to health, wholeness, holiness.
~ Margaret Wheatley



Using the art of clowning, shadow work and the Principles of Metaphysics, a transformative path for personal integration is born. Whether our personal fears are founded or unfounded, they create a mask of seriousness. Seriousness hides our authentic selves, keeping our interactions on an intellectual level, limiting our capacity for creative thinking, compassionate communication and the exquisite joy of being alive. Our Ego is fabulous fodder form which can grow self-observation, self-amusement and eventually the courage to shine light and appreciation on our shadow bits! Playing with our shadow carries us through to transformational insights, and we begin to understand the fine line between letting our story go and embracing it.

Using movement, mime, humor, props, costume pieces and the application of universal principles, experience setting aside your identity and explore the ‘more’ of you!

  • Turn reacting into connection and flow
  • Shift self-consciousness into mindful attention and the speaking of your truth
  • Exchange a belief in lack of ability or capacity, into feelings of self-trust
  • Experience the bounty and power of being present


Taking a more inclusive approach to the self, frees us to be seen and heard more authentically in a relationship with others and allows them to respond in kind. The objective of this work is to shake us up, empty us out, lighten us up and move us off of our perch of personal judgment into the embracement of our humanity.

  • Relax the need to have our needs met
  • Integrate being vulnerable with setting boundaries
  • Discern what is our responsibility and what is not
  • Embrace all of who you are and stop pushing up against the other
  • Anticipate the best outcome for all parties


Okay, so we all want to get rid of those people in our lives that we hold responsible for our discomfort and pain, whether presently in our lives or not, right? How many times do you feel you are in the same conversation with the same person or with others that leaves you feeling shut down, resistant or minimalized? Are you ready to release old perspectives on others and gain curiosity when communicating so that you can connect from a clean slate and feel free in your relationships?

  • Create a mental and emotional equivalent to build gratitude and value in your relationships
  •  Learn to identify personal motivation, intention, and attachment to outcome
  • Depersonalize the other’s story by detaching from your triggers
  • Support others in breaking the trance


Which comes first – the chicken, the egg or the spiritual prototype?
There is only one thing going on: Energy becoming Matter through a universal creative process, which we can learn to use. It is here that we the Chickens lay our Eggs, playing our part in the cycle of conscious evolution. We are all innately endowed with infinite creative intelligence and we each desire to expand our expression and experience in this thing called Life. So, what’s stopping us?

FIND OUT what needs ‘tweaking’ in your efforts and attempts to manifest a new reality.

  • Gain clarity on your true value system and align with it
  • Understand the ‘natural laws of the universe’ and learn the art of co-creation
  • Build your own sacred living vision to pull you into ‘the next yet to be’
  • Get comfortable using Spiritual Practices, effectively and often
  • Empower yourself by becoming self-reliant and more independent with others
  • Grow in self-trust and start trusting this friendly Universe!


Individual 3 hr. Sessions: Groups of 6 – 10 $89 per person; 11 – 20 $69pp; 21+ $1695

Combine any 3 into a full Day Retreat: Cost ranging from $1995 – $3500

Online Courses


ANYONE can make High-Level Decisions through understanding the Power of Decision and the Laws of Detachment

How do we live an exceptional life and help to support others in doing the same?
The decisions we make are based upon our current understanding and experience at the time. We are the result of our past decisions, and we will become the result of our PRESENT decisions. So decide on the side of GREATNESS Now!!

No Longer:

  • take exception to what “everybody” else thinks, does and says
  • wait for permission or approval of others to pursue your good ideas
  • share every creative idea that you are excited about in the moment, to keep your own counsel,
  • break apart the ‘why nots’ and ‘what happened’ and redirect your mental energy towards building your vision
  • Learn to apply a formula to detach from old thoughts, behaviours and even desired results to activate the “This, or something better!” principle

6 weeks + 1/2hr coaching session for $295 per person.
Group minimum: Six people


Stimulate and expand your consciousness of acceptance!
An ONLINE 31 Day program from 8:00 am – 8:20 am There is a companion book of the same title by Michelle Wadleigh available through Amazon or on Kindle, which supports participants with daily messages, practices, quotes, and affirmations. Each session is recorded.

  • Short sessions to start your day
  • 31 days of accumulative focus and affirmation of the power within to create abundance, becomes, well, like a new habit!
  • Tap into the unlimited flow of Life Itself and see abundance manifesting in amazing ways!

31 days for $99 per person.
Group minimum: Ten people

The Art of Letting Go

An ONLINE 4-week program.
Are you wanting to understand how to move through the challenges that inevitably accompany change? Are you interested in gaining clarity on what is yours to do? Would you like to dissolve your fears of perceived loss and be more open and welcoming to Life as it shows up, so that you can feel freer and more in charge of your life? Grow your capacity to trust in your own choices as you move closer to activating an energetic synergy with the universal creative process. Take the journey from fear of loss – to surrender – to peace.

4 Week Program, $225