Individual and Couple Counselling

PERHAPS you are wanting to…reinvent yourself…

There are many ways we have of experiencing and identifying our relationships. Some we have created with excitement, some with trepidation, but all with motivation from a conscious or subconscious persuasion.

We often pass off the challenging ones as wrong timing, wrong choice or wasted energy, when in truth all are a gift in reflecting back to us where we are lovingly embracing our humanity and where we are not.

Many of us come to our relationships with a distorted image of who we are and attract relationships which magnify our deep subconscious belief patterns of not enough, unworthiness, undeserving and just plain unlovable.

We create barriers to intimacy, trust, and commitment because we fear the sting of self-revelation from a belief that we are broken, and miss the opportunity to love all parts of ourselves into the freedom of authentic expression.

We are always free to choose the direction of our thought energy, which inevitably will create our reality.

Good relationships are born within self-awareness, self-accountability, self-responsibility inspired and fueled by self-love.

Our work is to get our train of thought on the right track. It takes time.