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Humanity Knows Programs in the workplace are custom designed to address and achieve clients’ objectives, engender within participants an urgency to live and work from the place of inner sufficiency, original thinking and wise and compassionate action – optimizing returns for all.

The science of metaphysics and the value and skills based multi-level intelligence model of SQ21 (21 Keys to Spiritual Intelligence) form the key content, principles and best business practice delivered in Humanity Knows Programs.

There are varied delivery systems which assist individuals in accepting their humanity as the key in elevating their mental fitness, the power in their presence, higher level decision-making and as well, their direct access to the flow of universal abundance.

Corporate Coaching

If there is one thing we all want it is to regard ourselves as whole individuals, leading meaningful happy lives.

This is attainable right where we are. This idea, wish or dream for many, comes together through the capacity to make good choices from listening to and honoring our own inner authority. The awareness of this authority could be inspired by deep personal fulfillment, adventurous and creative growth, a meaningful connection with others, a passionate purpose or for some, a visceral sensing of the sacred mysteries of life.

Whatever brings us to a glimpse of the revelation of our own divine wisdom, we need to know it is always available. Ours is the choice to access and activate as we harness our mental meanderings, open our heart and surrender our fear of losing control, looking stupid or becoming intimate with ourselves and life.

Sound too good to be true? Not so. Through the application of spiritual principle and universal truths you will reveal the power, the presence and potential that lies within you to create a new reality.