Nadene Rogers

Nadene Rogers is a New Thought Leader, a teacher of human potential, who creatively bridges science and spirituality into the business of our lives using a whole mind approach to empower the emergent spiritually intelligent leader within all of us.

Her Diamond Mind Coaching and Training Programs support clients in learning to apply universal natural laws, principles and practices so that they may develop strategies guaranteed to ignite creativity, a spirit of generosity and inclusion – both inside and outside the walls of the workplace.

Nadene’s body of work is compelling, moving and solution oriented, focusing on the relationship we choose with ourselves, the power each of us possesses to change the way we think and act to procure personal freedom and the highest possible return on our investment both personally and professionally.

A veteran speaker, workshop facilitator, health and wellness advocate for the past thirty years and founding director of Calgary’s former: Shenanigans Clown School, Teens of Distinction Society, Seniors Dreamwish Foundation, and the Calgary JOY of Life Centre – Nadene remains inspired by the belief that “humanity knows!”


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Humanity has within it everything it needs, to create the reality of its ultimate personal and global vision.

Our human journey is about constantly reinventing ourselves – not in terms of the world but of the spirit, and allowing the organic unfoldment of divine order for our highest and best to occur. As we go about our lives more mindfully we release the effort, the struggle and the division within ourselves. Spiritual awakening is our birthright, and the practice of spiritual principles and practices in the business of our lives will pave the way.

Unanimity of primordial truth from a spiritual standpoint towards honoring self is the only bridge into creating a world that honors everyone.

We each have the opportunity to move from either-or mindset born within the myth of separateness and not-enoughness to and/both creating a new paradigm of wholeness in our expression and in the collective consciousness. When we identify we separate and then grasp at our perception of good over bad, right over wrong etc. WE do it with the conditions of the world, actions of others and in the root causal home within our own mind. We cannot know or experience or demonstrate truth without its compliment nor express the fullness of our truth of being without embracing our humanity, full on.

All paradox comes from the fact that something created it all. And our perception of paradox, and lack of understanding and assimilation of the same, becomes causal to the belief we need boundaries for security, protection and progression.

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Ken Wilber states: “Boundaries are created in the minds of the mapmaker, they do not exist in the real world. Even when an observable line exists between land and water, it doesn’t separate them it joins them, through the touching of one another. To say that ultimate reality is a unity of opposites is actually to say that in ultimate reality there are no boundaries. Anywhere.”

Everything we think and belief excludes something else we could think and believe, likewise the words we choose, decisions we make and actions we take while created in the possibility of growth and progress, in an of themselves leave out all other possibilities from occurring. At the very least our human evolution begins with observing and serving all aspects of the self – Spirit, Mind and Body eradicating all thoughts of separation and alienation. In this we activate our spiritual intelligence becoming an inspiring presence enabling us to walk side by side with all humanity.

I have searched and practiced for many years to come to the path of self-stewardship, of knowing what is mine to do and what is not, of choosing to live in a world being for something and against nothing, leaving behind and either or perspective – of trusting myself and the natural unfoldment of the law of cause and effect. I coach from my life experience, core values and from the areas in which I have achieved a sense of harmony and joy, through commitment to both myself and a higher purpose.

I offer several areas and levels of coaching and training towards self and social mastery that are developed through the understanding and practice of spiritual principle, the awakening to our role as co-creator of our reality and the embracement of our humanity.

May we no longer be divided within ourselves or against anyone. Let us unify in our common spiritual inheritance and be the vessel for the cosmic infinite creative intelligence to express and expand. Let us live into the potential of all Life, through the honoring of what has gone before and the present moment acceptance of what is.

Spirit – Mind – Body, an integrated way of living. As within, so without.

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