Why does honoring ourselves and honoring another need to be two separate things? This is both the root and the overarching question to be considered, in creating trusting workplace environments.

As spiritually intelligent leaders this is an example of some of the questions we must ask in order to live in a close and unceasing relationship with the creative source within us. We are not frail untethered particles that float around in this universe only on purpose when we have a good idea, or we have done a good deed – we are so much more than that. We are enough because we exist. The key, when we feel discounted or judged by another, is to call upon this inner wisdom which is rooted in infinite possibility rather than be distracted by our personal doubts, subsequent projections and assumptions draw from past experience.

Another reason why we can feel we are standing on shaky ground, which often happens in tandem with demonstrating the courage required to live on our growing edge, is because we have yet to establish our personal boundaries. When we draw from our inner wisdom, we understand that boundaries, when created in alignment with values that serve our highest good, are not in contrast to our capacity to be inclusive and accepting of others and their ideas – and their opinions!

As spiritually intelligent leaders we can demonstrate standing strong as a sovereign being in our own truth, unshaken by the seeming paradoxes out pictured in our personal and professional lives.

Honoring ourselves and honoring another need not be two separate things.

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