Given that our thoughts create our emotional and physical reality, what creates our thought process and why is high-level decision-making important in our personal/professional lives?

The science of metaphysics teaches us that we are all interconnected and interdependent with respect to a universal intelligence, an original causal energy back of all we know, experience and can identify. When we think, we are thinking with this spiritual intelligence, for our DNA originates from this one infinite creative source.

Spiritually intelligent leadership is critical at this time, as it brings the necessity of operating in a larger field of unknown possibilities within our grasp. This way options are not to limited by that application of proven strategies.

High-level decisions are made from a win/win ‐ multi-intelligence perspective and result in the application of new skills and behaviors that not only advantage the thinker, but benefit those in one’s circle of influence, affecting a new bottom line.

Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence will result in the actualization of the highest personal and professional lives we can imagine for ourselves.

We all have the capacity to think creatively instead of competitively.

We all have the desire to bring our authentic selves more fully into the game of life and business.

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